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This is just a little bit about how PBP works.

I will send out a post where by you can respond with a post about what your character will attempt to do in response to the DM post or you can merely interact with other PC’s. A single post can encompass Role playing, Fighting options, Spell casting depending on your skills but usually a single round of actions. The DM will then post based on dice rolls what actually took place. Fumbled, Critically hit, sneaking, backstab, spell effects and so forth.

The less complicated the PC posts are, the easier it is for the DM to determine the PC actions. During your post you can develop your characters alignment and reactions to the other PC’s. Just remember it’s a friendly game not a slur fest.

Multiple non-combat post are normal when dealing with the NPC’s and PC’s.

You can modify your combat/action post if you need to make changes or post a new one should you need to.

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PBP Info

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